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Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for your feedback. I suppose the game is much more difficult when recording a video, if you want you can try (easy difficulty) maybe that helps a little. For combining items, you can press the button ´C´ on the first item you want to combine and then select the other item and press ´C´ again. Thank you for playing our game 😃

ohhh! okay that makes sense  thanks for the explanation! so excited to try it again now that i know how to handle it better lol

I got destroyed multiple times lol starts @32:25

Awesome video 😃😂, thank you for playing our game! 

this game gave me the shits with the asshat elves who are somehow allergic to water? aha very straight forward game i had fun getting wrangled by christmas critters at every turn including krampus who scared the hell out of me.

😂 Thank you for your comment!  We hope you had fun playing it.

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I am several years late BUT I am so happy to have finally found this game and play it! IT IS SOOOO CREEPY AND LITERALLY KEPT ME ON EDGE THE WHOLE TIME. Literally I have never been so afraid of a DEER so much in my life before this game... Oh, and I'm not entirely sure if this is a thing or not (and if you are aware or not) but for some reason the beginning cut scene was copyrighted on YouTube by cube entertainment (according to YouTube) for some reason, so I had to blur it out. 

Anyways its such a great game so far, and I still have so much to go... I can't wait to see what's to come next!! 😆

We are so glad you liked our game! 😁 We have never heard of cube entertainment and they should not be doing that 🤨 We will look into it. Thank you very much for your feedback! 🙂

No problem! I'm not exactly sure how copyright works on YouTube all the well just yet but if it helps here is a screenshot of what it said when I uploaded my video the first time. Hope it helps! 😊

Thank you for the information! We will look into it. Have a great day! 😁

I replayed this game and it's one of my favorite games of all time!! Thank you for this game!!

Thank you so much for your kind words! 😁

i know i recently posted but iv just passed my first year with youtube so i included your game in my rewind video! thanks for being a part of my history!

Played this for my christmas special..  Awesome game!! Thanks

Great video! glad you liked our Christmas game!

thanks for watching.. Was an awesome game 


thanks for watching.. Was an awesome game 


The BEST Christmas Horror game!

Thank you for playing our game!

Do you have an email for contact or discord?

Our contact E-mail:

Hi I already purchased this game on Can you give me a steam key please!

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Can you please tell me the email you bought the game with for verification? please send us the information to our E-mail: , thank you.

Version 1.0 is live now on itchio.

Good Game!

Glad you liked it!  more content available soon.

A creepy Xmas survival game?! Yes! This was a blast trying to survive until 2am :) Check out my gameplay below...

Thank you  for playing the game, Great video by the way!